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Devil Stay Down


He used to serve the Most High 

But then he fell like lightning 
He may be prince of the sky
But he's forgetting one thing

Devil stay down
He belongs on the ground
Devil stay down
He's a snake in the grass
Devil stay down  

God is the one True King
The Spirit lives in me
My Jesus, He is lifted high
Devil stay down

He prowls just like a lion
Hoping we let our guard down
When we are wounded and weakest
That's when he loves to pounce

When all his lies are found
We'll tear those strongholds down
Take captive every thought
We honor Jesus now

Ever greater is He
Who is living in me
By blood we have been bought 
The Truth has set us free


Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. Resist him, standing firm in the faith.

- 1 Peter 5:8-9a

Make no mistake, we are in a battle. And that battle transcends mere flesh and blood. For many reasons it's important to know our adversary's power and plans.

The main reason is so we can understanding how the Lord's greater power and plans equip us to be overcomers.

All Things


The depth of the riches 
Beyond all our wishes 
The wisdom and knowledge of God 
Unsearchable glory 
Author of our story 
The mind and the mercy of God 

To Him be the glory forever 
From Him and through Him 
For Him and to Him 
Are all things 
For His great pleasure 
Perfectly measured 
Are all things 

The past and the history 
The future and mystery 
No borders or boundaries for God 

My pain and my pleasure 
My debt and my treasure 
All is an offering for God 

Who could know the mind of the Lord? 
Who could repay what we could never afford? 

You are my King 

Through all things 

You are my King 


Trust is a funny thing.  In theory, it's pretty easy for me to say I trust someone or something.  Especially when I have plenty of food in my refrigerator, all my relationships are going great, and, in general, my life is filled with blue skies and sunshine.

But when the storms come and it's impossible for me to see beyond them, that's when I find out who and what I really trust.  And sometimes to my surprise, I also learn who and what I don't.

Thankfully, the storms help me to see more clearly, and they present me with opportunity to recenter my trust on who it belongs. 

Rejoice (Psalm 3)


Our enemies have increased 

But we remain the same 

They're rising up against us 

They mock Your holy Name 

Though 10,000 surround us We will not be afraid 

You are the Shield and our glory, yeah 

So we cry to You with one voice 

You lift our heads every morning, yeah 

Every evening we rejoice 

We rejoice!  Rejoice!  You reign forever 

We rejoice!  Rejoice!  Jesus we praise Your Name 

Arise O Lord and save us 

Salvation belongs to You 

Your blessing be upon Your bride 

Today may Your mercies be new 

Lifter of my head

Lifter of my heart 

Lifter of my soul 

My life is Yours and Yours alone


The third Psalm is titled "A psalm of David when he fled from his son Absalom."  With David's eyes he perceived his own son pursuing him in order to take his life.  Yet, in his heart, David trusted the Lord and knew He would always sustain him no matter what.  

When I look around today and see all the evil and uncertainty, it's pretty easy for my hope to waiver.  

But when I close my eyes, I'm reminded that the Lord is my shield and He will deliver me.  "I lie down and sleep; I wake again because the Lord sustains me.  I will not fear..."  

The Coming Storm


Don't wanna do it anymore

But there are still things worth fighting for

Some may run from the coming storm

But as for me, I will serve the Lord

Hey aye e aye aye e aye

Hey aye e aye I will serve the Lord

Some people wanna shake the world

Because it don't make sense anymore

In fear some others just conform

But as for me, I will serve the Lord

There is a light that burns in spite

Of darker growing days

Two worlds collide, opposing sides

Who will you choose today?


In the book of Joshua, chapter 24, Joshua recounts a brief history of Israel.  He reminds the people of the many times the Lord came through for them when their backs were against the wall.  He remembers many of their ancestors choosing to follow lesser gods who never lifted a finger for them (How could they? They were completely powerless).  And in verse 15 he ultimately draws a line in the sand between light and darkness; good and evil.  "If it is disagreeable in your sight to serve the Lord, choose for yourselves today whom you will serve: whether the gods which your fathers served which were beyond the River, or the gods of the Amorites in whose land you are living; but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord."  

Every day we have freedom to make many choices.  

May we make them wisely. 

I Will Not


I will not fear

Won't be dismayed

This battle was never mine

When I am weak

He'll be my strength

God is on the battle line

But unless I'm knocked down

I can never rise

I might get hurt and confused 

I might feel lost in the crowd 

I might be battered and bruised 

I might get kicked while I'm down 

But I will not, no I will not 

I Will Not be conquered 

These worn out days 

They have a way 

Of opening my eyes 

To what is true 

What I believe 

What I'll never compromise 

But unless it gets dark 

The sun will never rise 


Life can be a funny thing, can't it?  There are some days when everything just seems to fall into place and nothing can go wrong.  Life makes sense and all my plans are working out just the way I planned them.

Then there are times when simply surviving feels like a great victory.  

Sometimes, during those difficult days, weeks, months, or even years, a simple statement of defiance in the face of the forces that seem beyond my control goes a long way.

For me, this song is one of those statements. 

Through The Storm


There's a light that's just above the clouds

But we have not seen it for miles

All uphill, shaded in gray

Every day starts to feel the same

This weight on my chest makes it hard to breathe

This weight on my heart makes it hard to believe

The weight of this world is too much to bear

No we can't put it down, but at least we can share

I can't make it stop raining

But I'll walk with you through the storm

I'll walk with you through the storm

Feels like ten thousand days since we started this way

But to give up now would give our hope away

Let's lean into the wind and find courage again

And together we'll weather this flood till it ends


Coming soon.

Who Is On The Throne


The earth is changing today

Mountains are breaking away

The water roars and it's shaking

But I want you to know that I still know

Oh oh oh, oh oh oh, who is on

Who is on the throne

Oh oh oh, oh oh oh, God is on;

God is on the throne

He is our refuge and strength

Our present help in dark days

He'll never leave or forsake us

And I want you to know that I still know

When I'm afraid I won't tremble

If doubt creeps into my mind

Deliver me from evil

Help me see with faithful eyes


Covid-19; the novel Coronavirus; a new pandemic.  For most of us, a mere month ago these phrases meant little to nothing.  Today, however, it's almost impossible to have a conversation, watch tv, or engage in any kind of social media without hearing about it.

As much as we like to think we are in complete control of our lives, this is the latest example of the fact that in many ways, we are not.  Depending on how I look at it, that statement can either be frightening or freeing.

If I forget who I am and whose I am, storms like this (I cannot pretend this was the first, nor will it be the last) shake me and seem to threaten my very existence.  

However, in my moments of clarity when I remember I am built on an unchanging and unmovable Rock, I'm reminded that nothing - no storm or disease or fear - can ever change my hope and my future.  

Bright Love


Everybody screaming but nobody listening

Trapped inside a cloud that's full of anger and sin

It's heavy and deep like a bottomless sea

We need the light to come in

Bright love, opens eyes to see

Bright love, setting our hearts free

Bright love, everybody needs it

Let me be bright

You're still someone's son even if we don't agree

So I'll offer my hand when you stumble on the road

We all need forgiveness and we all want peace

So let's forget the debts we owe

I'll take a chance and do the right thing

Love will rise like dawn braking


Back in 2016 Rodrigo y Gabriella shared a link for season 2 of The Find - a Family Travel Show that explores the people & projects around the globe that are changing the world for better.

One of those people, Gabriella Lopez, was describing one of those projects that was changing her small town in Nicaragua.  She summed it up by saying they are "taking care of kids - trying to bring them bright love."

I'd never heart that phrase before and I've never heard it since.  Now that you've heard it I hope you'll be inspired too.  

In The Waiting


Six hundred thousand, the number that  day

Of men who would flee the Egyptians

With the wave of his hand all the waters obeyed

And Moses led them to freedom

Sometimes God moves through thunder and storms

Sometimes He moves in the wind as it roars

But sometimes He works through closed prison doors

Sometimes He works in the waiting

One lonely man who was sold as a slave

Wrongly accused and confined to a cell

He interpreted dreams that had Pharaoh afraid

Then Joseph wished prison farewell

Like silver in a fire my days go by

When the heat gets higher my soul is refined

For eternity I'm being refined


Life is one big journey filled with many smaller journeys.  A series of hills and valleys.  Some are much steeper and painfully deeper than others.

After a while it might start to feel hopeless; 1 step forward, 15 steps back.

But the truth is, our body and character is only strengthened by the difficult parts.  By the trials.  In the places we don't necessarily choose to go.  In the waiting.  

One By One


As evening goes to sleep

And her royal bed is made

Soft lights awake and keep

Her safe for slumber's stay

The Pleiades sail the windy seas

As Perseus tames the water beast

Pegasus gallops and flies away

The Great Bear wanders from his cave

As Neptune's dancing makes some waves

Hercules stands guard from dusk til day

Lift your eyes and look to the heavens above

Who created all these?

He who brings them out one by one

And calls them each by name

The Herdsman and his hunting dogs

Patrol the night for wayward thoughts

As the Diamond Dragon dreams of flames

Orion quickly draws his bow

With Rigel once again in tow

And Betelgeuse always plays his games

Such majesty so that we might believe

There is a higher call

These lights let us know that

No, we're not alone

The Creator made them all


My brother-in-law has a really nice telescope.  It's so powerful it will actually let you see the rings of Saturn and the moons of Jupiter.  One day we were all invited over for a star watching party.  Instead of bringing potato salad or coffee cake, I decided to write and bring this song.  It was inspired by Isaiah 40:26:

"Lift up your eyes on high and see who has created these stars.  The One who leads forth their host by number, He calls them all by name; Because of the greatness of His might and the strength of His power, not one of them is missing."

No Regrets


Where will I be 10 years from now?

Still pursuing the same dreams?

Still pushing the plow?

Will I finally see those seeds

Springing up from the ground?

Even if I don't I won't turn around

I won't turn around

Oh oh, I'm not afraid of anything

Oh oh, won't back away from my dreams

Oh oh, I'll live with no regrets

Oh oh, might make mistakes along the way

Oh oh, but I won't waste another day

Oh oh, I'll live with no regrets

Today is the first day

I won't be scared anymore

Now I'm free to move forward

Through this open door

Even when the clouds roll in 

And it starts to pour

I will find the beauty

At the end of the storm

I'll get through the storm

I'll climb this mountain one step at at time

I won't look back to the left or the right

I'll leave the worries of the world behind

I'll live with no regrets

I won't be bound by what I can see

Nothing can stop my faith and belief

Enjoying this journey since I'm finally free

I'll live with no regrets


This is a picture of La cascada de San Ramon.  It is a 197 ft waterfall located on the slopes of the Maderas volcano, which rises out of Lake Nicaragua.  And I wasn't sure if I'd ever get to see it.  It's about a 2 mile hike to the falls, but the combination of the hot, humid weather and my fever (which I didn't know I had at the time) made it seem more like 20 miles.

As we got nearer to the top, I found myself stopping every few minutes to rest and catch my breath.  It was exhausting and I definitely considered quitting.  But we pressed on.  And once we turned the last corner, the view we had come to see was so worth it.

Don't quit.  Do the hard thing.  Do the right thing.  Even if it doesn't seem to being paying off yet - it will in the end.  And you'll never have to look back and say "I wish I would have _____."

The Wind Is The World


It's a warm summer day, everything is just right

All the palm trees are swaying, 

All the gulls taking flight

The breeze is a blowin, all the sails are unfurled

Don't let nobody fool you, the wind is the world

The wind is the world, the wind is the world

It pulls and it pushes fools with no foothold

They reach for and hold their silver and gold

My treasure is knowing the wind is the world

Oh it started out fine, now it's just such a mess

As the sand stings my eyes 

The calm waters all crest

The kites they are crashing, 

And the chairs are crumpled

Don't let nobody fool you, the wind is the world

Finally I had all that money could buy

And thought all my dreams had come true

But the happiness I planned was a castle of sand

When the weight of life's waters crashed through

So I'll loosen my grip and I'll lighten my load

And get out of this rain that's been makin me cold

Yes I'll live every moment without a blindfold

Don't let nobody fool you, the wind is the world


We were on vacation in Florida. It was a beautiful day. Our plan was to spend some time relaxing on the beach. We found the perfect spot, got our chairs situated, and we were just starting to get comfortable when the wind picked up.

A sand blaster is typically used to remove rust and paint from parts or projects. But on this day, nature's sand blaster was removing our plans to spend time on the beach.

Life can be like that. Just when you think you have everything you could possibly want or need, something unexpected happens. That something changes your perspective and makes you ask questions you haven't asked before.

Even though events like that are not very enjoyable, they get your attention. They also help you find better footing. And ultimately you gain a stronger foundation that is better equipped to handle future storms.

I Am Free


I don't have to do what I don't want to do

I don't have to be bitter about my wounds

I don't need to believe the lies 

more than the truth

I don't have to do what I don't want to do

I don't have to be what they want me to be

I don't have to be a ship sailing their seas

I don't need to be anything other than me

I don't have to be what they want me to be

I am free - this is a mutiny

Against the old man that I used to be

I am free and this authority

No longer has a hold on me - I am free

I don't have to stay where I'm living today

I don't have to be trapped by anger and rage

I don't need to be ashamed or afraid

I don't have to stay where I'm living today

I'm taking over, taking it back

No more excuses, it's time to act     


"So if the Son makes you free, you will be free indeed" - John 8:36. This is a true statement. But even though I've let Him set me free, I have to continue to make daily choices to live free.

Regardless of my circumstances or environment, It's up to me to own the daily battle to stay on the straight and narrow path.

He Is


Surrounded but alone

For all of us who've ever felt unknown

So many questions, always wondering why

And all the answers aren't so easy to come by

Where is God when we need Him the most?

If we only knew just how close 

He is to me and you

He is a sunny breeze 

Filled with Spring's perfume

He is the tender warmth 

when the world turns cold

He is the Warrior who fights for your soul

He is

Drifting so far from shore

Without a sail and within the storm

The weight of this world always pulling us down

Gets to the point we think that 

we just might drown

Temptation, frustration

Forgetting that we are new creations

Separation, accusation, desperation

It leads to Him, It always leads to Him, 'cause

He is


At the risk of sounding over dramatic, sometimes it feels like the whole world is against me.  Truth is, sometimes it is. That's the bad news. But the good news; the better news is this: there is a hero who cares about me and who wants to fight for me. "The Lord is a warrior, the Lord is His name" - Exodus 15:3.

As long as He's on my side (I'm on His side), there is always hope.  

All My Life


I've been waiting for you all my life

And it's been such a long time

But today I take you as my wife

And it doesn't seem too long anymore

Now the only thing that I'm waiting for

Is to wake up tomorrow

So that I can love you more

God brought us together 

So that we could weather

Anything, everything, For all eternity

For worse and for better

We're in this together

Anything, everything, For all eternity

When I look into your blue eyes

I could stay there forever

Right now I'm feelin' so alive

And I don't think I need anything more

You always say just what I need to hear

And I'm always here to calm your fear

I've been waiting for you all my life


I don't normally perform in a tuxedo, but this was a special occasion. This song was written for my wife and I surprised her by performing it at our wedding reception. She was a gracious audience.   

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