Music for the Journey.  

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I didn't know it at the time

but the first song I ever wrote was on a napkin. As I took my break from busing tables, a simple rhyme made its way from my heart to that little "piece of paper". And so the journey began.

As the years went by

 I continued to write, but always found myself coming back  to the same thought: "There are so many other songwriters out there already - what more could I offer?"  Until finally I realized that was the wrong question to ask.

What am I created to do?

Now that's a question worth answering.  For me, that answer included creating Dave Trout Music so I could finally begin sharing the songs God has written on my heart.

So, what were you created to do?

Whether or not you're looking for that answer, I hope that you find encouragement here.  Possibly even some inspiration. And maybe it's time for you to dig out an old napkin and start a new journey.

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